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Hi all,

I recently posted a question regarding having a previous degree in another field and just a certificate of completion in Nursing program.

I am grateful for caliotter's reply so I tried to do more research, but I still have to confirm everything just to be sure. I am writing this thread to get opinions from you guys.

Okay, My guidance councilor said that I will be classified as a "graduate" even if I don't finish with the AS degree because the BON will match my previous bachelor's degree and will take it into consideration. This was in 2007 when I started the program. Now that I have 1 semester to go, the school changed the graduate requirements to who anyone who has a previous BA/BS in any field may be given an AS degree if they finished Speech 101 and the nursing program. This change is making it easier for me to graduate with an AS degree! My only worry is that I graduated from a foreign country. I had my transcripts evaluated and my degree is considered equivalent to a Bachelor's degree awarded by an accredited university in the United States, I'm still worried that its too good to be true.

Thank you again and any feedback is appreciated.

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