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Hi All,

Other than going through Vicki or another course to get certification, what other qualifications might you need to succeed as a legal nurse consultant? Do you need to have critical care experience? Do you need to have many many years experience as a nurse? I am interested in this field. I have, however, only been a nurse for 4 years......in ortho and in the ER. I have a BA in English from way back. Am just wondering if this would be enough to pursue the legal consulting avenue.....guess I also am worried about finding work/benefits/etc.

Do any of you folks keep your nursing jobs and do this on the side?

Thanks for any info and insight you may have.

em :)

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Hello Emmjay.

I think that you have enough experience as an RN to start the career. One should have at least 3-5 years, IMO.

No, there is no set area of nursing that is better for experience before doing the LNC. You know how to read/interpret a Medical Record (MR). You will then be looking for deviations from SOC/SOP. You should be able to do this now. You are the expert with the MR.

Now, finding work as an LNC is another thing. Marketing..........constantly...........is the key to success in this field of nursing. You never give up. You'll have more doors shut in your face than those open to work. But, once you build up a clientele, it is not quite the battle. Still, you need to continue marketing.

Check out the sticky threads (found at the top of this forum) about marketing ideas and other helpful information as you consider the career.

Also, check out the AALNC site (discussed in the sticky thread) for education as an LNC. You can seek certification later once you've met their requirements.

Good luck as you consider this career and if you have other questions, please do not hesitate to post.


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Thanks so much for your response.....I do appreciate it.

I will check out some of the sticky posts.

Thank you. :)