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QNC assessment, is it really taking much longer than usual?

anchpe anchpe (New) New

i'm a RN in the phils. and is applying in QNC for licencing...They just told me to wait for the reply re: my assessment...I handed in my application first week of october but until now there is still no ans...I've heard from some agency's that the assessment will only take 4weeks,but why is it that i still got no word from them? Is it taking much longer this time due to the recession or any other reason for the delay? Also they said, QNC,NBV are more strict now with regard to the assessment process...Anyone who can shed light on this? Thanks :loveya:

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Moved to the International forum as per the red banner. Have you checked out the big thread re working in Australia and New Zealand you may find your answers there?

Kindly read the thread New Grad Filipino Nurses to work in Australia and NZ, it will help you a lot. Assessment is case to case basis, agencies can only approximate the time to encourage nurses but they are not the Board or Council. And I think the delay is also caused by a lot of applicants. Just be patient, some nurses here got the result in 3-4 months or so, you are not alone in waiting.