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I know this is for nurses but this kind of relates and I was wanting some feedback from people on the subject of QA in nursing homes. I have recently resigned from a position in a nursing home that I was at for almost 4 yrs. As we all know most or all medical facilities have a QA in there buildings,however I would like to know how they are conducted at any of the facilities that you work at, each department in the facility that I worked at had its own QA's as well as a Quartley QA with all department heads,administrator,physician,therapy,pharmacy,ect. and we also did QA for jacho,because we became jacho certified.So my question is what do you believe is the proper way to do QA, Do you feel that t-time should be handled by nursing or would it matter to you if department heads (from all dept.) and other staff went around to make sure that residents were groomed properly and that they were clean and dry positioned the right way and if they weren't it was to be taken to the nurse and then followed up on again to make sure that the nurse was doing her or his job? I was just wondering how the rest of the world felt on this subject.While doing rounds we were to also be checking on things like cathater positioning,ice water,splints,call lights,teeth cleaned,ect. Now I loved working at that nursing home I loved the residents but when our corporate office people starting coming down and telling us that it is a federal law to have qa for ttime and that if we didnt like it we could all leave when in fact it is a federal law to have qa in a facility but not actual for everyone and their brother to be checking on the residents. I know I sound harsh but the way things are being done there now are not making things better it is making things worse and the owner just dosn't see it and if they would let everyone go back to doing their jobs things would go back to being done right. Well thanks for reading and please let me know of your feeling on the subject I have been wondering for a while and a friend of mine told me about this sight.(there is more to it but i thought this was long enough sorry)


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In the LTC that I work in we do QA based on any problem that we might see. Anyone is invited to participate. There are certain areas that we review at each meeting. They are: Pressure Areas, Restraints, Falls (these are covered by nursing management). The Pharmacist reviews the med errors; the Infection Control nurse reports on infection rates. Each of the other departments brings an issue to the meeting at least annually.

We have to state a problem. Collect data to support the issue. If it is truly a problem, what are you going to do to fix it? You attempt to fix it then you review it again to see if there was improvement.

From what I read in your posting, it sounded almost like compliance rounds. Rather than a QA study.

I hope others will share what they are doing at their facilities. NA smile.gif

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