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I've been contemplating about continuing my education for a BSN, but before I do, I've been wanting to look for a quick way to become certified as a nursing assistant. I've searched, and the quickest route I've come by is to complete a NAT with the Red Cross in the Twin Cities, MN within a month. My question is, do you all think this would be a good way to complete a NAT? Do you all know if there might be any differences compared to a NAT that is lengthier?

I understand that the Red Cross training might be a little more rigorous because of the crunch... just wondering if it's a good route to take. It would be great to hear from others who have completed a NAT with the Red Cross and hear what they think of it, as well as if it benefited you as a CNA.

Thanks a bunch!

It's very rigorous with the homework. We had to read 3-4 chapters a night. We had quiz's on those chapters the next class.

I really enjoyed it. I think it was easier for me though because my previous job was in a residential school, my classroom was the most medically involved. So i'd already dealt with seizures, oxygen use and hrly data paperwork.

Also, not all Red Cross (districts?) classes are the same amount of hrs. I know mine were longer (120 hrs) compared to places like FL.

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