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I am a returning student (let's just say of vintage age) who will get my BSN from a large teaching university/hospital in June. (hopefully!) I am toying with the idea of getting a patient tech job one or two days a week. However, I currently have a great gpa, and don't want to wreck it, since I will apply to grad school as soon as I can.

So my question is,

What do you look for in hiring new grads? Do you feel Patient Tech experience is good? Or is it good grades?

I have 25 years of work experience in another field (computer technology), so I don't really need to prove that I can hold a job. And I'm not sure that becoming an expert at bed baths and vitals will help me be a better nurse. However, I am getting tired of sitting in the classroom, and maybe being on a hospital floor would at least let me watch procedures that I have not been able to see or due during clinicals, and I would get time management experience.

What do you all think? I appreciate your advice!



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