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Q for CNA'S waiting for RN positions


I'm reading quite a few posts about students graduating, getting their RN license, but keeping their current jobs as CNA's..how common is this right now? Will the state BON accept this? I'm in Hawaii and can't get through to my state board until Wednesday (impatient)

thank you


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I am not sure about Hawaii, but in my state you are able to do that, but it depends on your facility. Some facilities will not allow someone to work below their license and others will. If it is not against the board of nursing's rules it will then be left up to the facility you work at. My advice would be to try to find a RN job before graduating. Quite a few facilities hereallow students to apply for positions, then once they pass their licensure exam they can begin working.

Yes, totally depends on your BON, and, each facility. I know many techs (RNs) who actually are lower on the totem pole now at their hospitals... they are being passed over for NG RN jobs. I know they are not entitled to anything... but, I do know a few that are totally top notch in all they do, who are so depressed now :crying2:.

There are a few threads here about the same thing. My state says you can work as a tech if you have an RN license but does not elaborate. I tend to want to watch my own butt, as many have said you will be held to your best practice, no matter what you do if you are an RN.