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Pyxis problems


Has anyone had problems with the pixis? during med passes. I had a problem yesterday with mine, it kept asking for a count and I would put in the amount hit ok, then take my med and so on. Then later in the day it came back to me when pharmacy said All my meds were shown to have the count listed then showed that I took that many meds. What a big tadooo about that. It wasn't even my fault and my teacher witnessed the scenario, I was removed from using the pixis today, but before being removed I had drawn all my meds, and The machine was working properly I had shown no errors.

I have had problems all semester with the last clinical teacher now this teacher is thwarting my new clinical teacher everyweek about how I am doing, I dont think Im NOT going to make it because of the influence this other clinical teacher has.

Each paragraph here relates to something different, and Im not sure what to do, there wer comments made by the nurses and pharm about students stealing meds.

what do you thinK?

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