i am a LPN and work in LTC but my heart skips alot and scares the hell out of me. Yes i have all the testing done and they tell me its nothing to worry about. does anyone else have these? If so how do you cope with them?

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I don't care how "benign" PVCs are, they are scary when they happen to you. I had them when I worked nights. My husband has had them for 25 years and is less bothered by them than I will ever be. I think it has to do with being a nurse and knowing the "bad ones". I am sure you have heard the usual about caffeine, etc. Look for "hidden" caffeine, dark choc. is a prime offender. Do you take or have changed any meds?, Herbal compounds?, changed brands?.

Remember the heart has been known for centuries as the repository of love and caring feelings. I really believe there is something to that, unscientific as we think. I know my husband has a heart filled with love and have tried to put the PVCs in context of expression of an overfilled heart. As a nurse, especially in LTC, you have to care so much.

Take care of yourself. Take your breaks. You know your body better than anyone else can. Keep track of when the PVCs are worse. We notice them more when we are quiet so try not to get too upset when you notice them in bed or watching TV. You probably always have some, just don't notice so much.

Know you are not alone in your worry and frustration about these pesky reminders that we are not different from non-nurses in this area. Smile more and laugh more. More oxygen, less PVCs?

Keep me posted. I really want to hear how you are doing.:typing


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I get them all the time, worse at rest. Sometimes I lose my breath and feel like I might pass out - but I never had. I'm not concerned about them. They come in spurts, I'll have a lot for a few days, then none for a few days.


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