PVAMU Spring 2022

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Hello Everyone I am wonder who else has applied to PVAMU Spring 2022 I haven't seen a thread so I decided to create one. Also does anyone know if their is a group me for the Spring 2022. My HESI score is 92% not sure if that's to low and a 3.6 GPA in science. 


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I also applied at PVAMU Spring 2022. The admission Dept. just sent me a Degree audit. I need Algebra and Economics. PVAMU is my second option for next Spring. UT Pacesetter, PVAMU, and SAN JAC ADN. At this point I'm just hoping somebody accepts me. 

HESI 86%

Science GPA 3.5

Overall GPA 3.7

Me as well I applied to san jac ADN and uthealth as well. I also am applying to Alvin ADN program the last day is Sept 30th to apply for their program. I'll be praying for us all. And we have options so someone shall accept us. 


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We got this! Thanks for sharing the info on Alvin ADN I'm going to look it up right now!

Yes we got this and your welcome ofcourse. My friend also told me about Com at the mainland its kinds fat but their application deadline is not until Oct 8 I believe. Another student told me if you don't have your heb b series completed before application you can't apply. I'll double check to be sure. 

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