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Purplekath How'd U Do On Your Exam?


Inquiring minds want to know!!!

I think I did OK - the topic was "Psychology in Healthcare". I knew all the stuff, but I didn't feel like I had enough time to really do an excellent job on it. I could have really used another hour!! My exam last week (immune, urinary, integumentary, digestive, reproductive etc) I think I aced. Because I'd REALLY studied a lot from previous exam papers and 32 of the 60 multi-choices were lifted directly from those papers...so I'm feeling pretty darned confident about that one!! The only one I know I stuffed up was a multiple choice about coverings of ovaries -- the two choices I'd narrowed to were "tunica albuginea" and "germinal epithelium from where gametes arise"...I committed the ultimate sin and changed my answer from tunica albuginea to germinal epithelium and paid the price!! Ah well!!

But the BEST part is that yesterday was my LAST exam for this year -- I have 3 whole months off now!! Woooohooooo!!!!

After the exam I came home and I was sooooo exhausted and drained that literally could barely move my legs. You know when you're soooo tired that your body gives out?? Well that was me. So I collapsed into bed for a couple of hours and slept like a log.

Then dh had organised a celebratory night away (left the kids at home for the first time overnight) at a local hotel. We arrived at 4pm and bummed around in hotel bathrobes, ate stuff out of the mini-bar, cracked a couple of bottles of champers, had a spa, watched in-house movies, got room service for dinner and SLEPT (not just slept...hehehe). This morning we had a lovely buffet breakfast. It was soooo nice just to RELAX.

Arriving home it seems weird - no study to do -- just cleaning up popcorn and chip crumbs that the kids left for us!! It's totally bizarre not to have to study for awhile!!

So who else is having exams right now?? I figure instead of studying I'll put on my prayer cap for y'all!

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