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Purfect nursing or CSN for CNA course?

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I'm getting ready to take a CNA course. Which is better, Purrfect Nursing (private school) or a Community College course?

The private school gives me 3 collegiate credits for 6 weeks of classes and the community college gives me 6 collegiate credits for 4 months of classes.

I basically am going for a CNA certificate and I just want to make sure that I take the best approach.


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The private school one will probably not transfer anywhere. The community college one will give you actual college credit, but in most cases will not get you out of any classes should you decide to go LPN or RN. (However, in one state I know, it does count towards Nursing 101. However, form asking around, this is a rarity.) Only the Community college counselor can answer your questions accurately because this differs so much depending on area and what deals the community college offers. Community college may also want to see transcripts or make you take the COMPASS or see ACT/SAT scores which is another expense.

But, let's get realistic. CNA does not pay very well. All accredited CNA programs offer a certificate and few care where you had to go to get the certificate. I would take the class that is the least expensive and takes the least time. The CNA diploma itself is pretty worthless. All it does is give you an opportunity to get the certificate in your state which is all you really need.

Thanks for replying Ctmed.My posisiton in Las Vegas.

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Your potential employers won't care where you took the classes. They just want to know you're certified. I'd go for the cheapest one.


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yea im taking the CNA course this spring at CSN

i heard the Purfect Nursing course was a little bit more exspensive compared to CSN

but the Purfect Nursing course is also shorter

but on the plus side if you take the course at CSN and you decide to go further and become either a LPN or RN your cna certificate counts as points toward nursing school plus its a great way to get some healthcare experience


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I might be picking on something that does not matter much, BUT....

If the school cannot even spell "perfect" right, it tends to lose my respect right off the bat.