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Has anyone heard of or used PunctSure, a hands free US device, for PICC placement? Just wanted to hear anyone's thoughts or experiences with it? Is it useful or helpful? Does it work well? Positives and negatives?

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We use the Site~Rite 3, and have for about three years. We recently purchased the PunctSure unit, but have had problems with the unit breaking down. They are sending us a new unit, however, so I'm hoping our problems have just been a fluke. We have also not been able to match the image quality of the Site~Rite. I requested that they send us an experienced clinician to help get us started, but they currently have no one with those qualifications to send. We're not new to ultrasound, so I didn't expect this much difficulty getting a new unit to function.

I'm not condemning the PunctSure at this point, because, as I said, it may just be this unit that is a lemon. But be aware that technical support with this unit is very limited.

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