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I'm sorry my question is probably a little out of place here, but I'm having trouble finding an unbiased and timely answer to my question, and there don't seem to be any active RT specific internet... Read More

  1. by   tmw73
    Also the bill your talking about that failed in congress,im not sure what you mean because the bill is still there.What deduction reimbursement?There hasnt been a reduction in reimbursement.Im not sure you know what your talking about.If you mean the changes in medicare for home dmes for one that hasnt taken effect and that failed in congress.Do you really think Respiratory is going anywhere?You are sadly mistaken.Also I live in Florida I can tell you whats going on whats not.I also travelled and have been to other states and I havent seen any of the things you discribe.I know every place is hiring so I not such where all this is coming from.I only know what I know and I ive been doing this for 22 years and all I have seen is good things.Also no one was grandfather in.It was either you get your license or you lose your job.I know what im saying not wishful thinking.I think you get confused as to CRT verses RRT there is a difference as LPN verses RN..I in no way put nurses down,my wife,mother-in-law and grand mother are nurses but dont tell people looking to get into Respiratory all these untrue things that are not true.I have never had a problem finding a job and have always seen openings for positions.Im just not seeing all this dread and problems you speak of.If you know anyone who wants a job tell them to send me a message.We have quite a bit of them open here and all over Florida.
  2. by   Lmbsrt
    In NC...they most certainly can transport and are allowed to perform all tasks that the RNs do