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  1. I am a newly assigned head nurse of pulmonary services. I have 8 years experience with critical care and step down type nursing. I am looking for a well written journal or magazine that addresses issues involved in pulmonary nursing. I am interested in something that covers all of the field. Everything from asthma to COPD to how to wean that difficult vent patient. If you have any suggestions please let me know.
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    journal of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation (jcr): featuring research and advances in prevention

    journal of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation is a journal for all members of the cardiopulmonary rehab team, a group that assists patients recovering from heart and respiratory failure and rehabilitates patients with cardiovascular disease or chronic pulmonary disorders. the team is composed of many different kinds of healthcare providers (nurses, respiratory therapists, exercise physiologists, physicians) and the journal's multidisciplinary focus reflects the composition of the interdisciplinary rehabilitation team.

    this is the only professional journal for specialists in cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation. dedicated to the improvement of multidisciplinary clinical practice, jcr provides high quality, current information to practitioners in the field with an emphasis on research and advances in prevention. original, peer-reviewed manuscripts cover all aspects of cardiac, peripheral vascular, and pulmonary rehabilitation. editorial features include case reports, roundtables, regular nutrition updates, pharmacological reimbursement and management updates, media reviews, and abstract summaries of current literature.

    critical care nurse
    featured volumes:
    august 2002 - pulmonary technologiesjune 2002 - tissue perfusion and oxygenation
    october 2001 - pulmonary monitoring and therapies
    june 2001 - pulmonary priorities

    heart & lung: the journal of critical care

    us: respiratory nursing society
    check out their link section: http://www.respiratorynursingsociety.org/id19.htm

    uk: the association of respiratory nurse specialists (arns)
    the association of respiratory nurse specialists (arns) is a uk based organisation which evolved in 1997 as a specialty-nursing forum for respiratory nurses with the aims of:
    providing a supportive network for respiratory nurse specialists; promoting the specialty practice of respiratory nursing through education and professional development.

    american association for respiratory care

    american college of chest physicians

    american lung association

    american thoracic society

    canadian society of respiratory therapists

    georgia society for respiratory care

    national board for respiratory care

    great ***** icu website:
    notes on icu nursing

    medical journals:

    chest: www.chestjournal.org/

    thorax: an international journal for respiratory medicine