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Ok, so this is from me, the preop patient, not me, the nursing student. :) I have to get arterial blood gasses drawn next week and I hear they hurt like hell. Do I have to ask for a local first or... Read More

  1. by   PICC ACE
    Two things-first,it's OK to numb the area of your stick with some Lidocaine. If your facility will allow Lido for IV starts,they should also OK it for ABG's. Might try EMLA or something similar if it's not a STAT thing.
    Second,the brachial nerve at some point from mid biceps area to just below the ACF will cross over the brachial veins and artery,so the potential for hitting a big nerve also exists.
  2. by   Beeanurse
    I too have had an ABG and I am a baby haha. It did not hurt much at all but the person that performed it however did not tell me to put pressure on the site afterwards and my wrist swelled so after put a little pressure. I agree with everyone its just like any other blood draw
  3. by   lajean
    I'll be honest. I've drawn many many ABG's (15 yrs worth). If you have a strong pulse, and the RT hasn't had too much coffee, it should be like any other blood draw - just a poke. Weak pulses are harder to get (the draw is blind, unlike drawing from the visible vein). Excess coffee makes for shakey hands - therefore shakey needle into artery (ouch).