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Pulmonary Fibrosis

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Hello I am hoping for some wisdom from anyone who has cared for a pulmonary fibrosis client.

I have researched the condition online and communicate with nurse manager, rt and physician and intervene as instructed. It is a constant challenge to maintain sats even with 100 percent O2 and vent support (dependent on this level of O2 even before coming home) Any suggestions or links to information would be greatly appreciated.

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Unfortunately with pulmonary fibrosis there is a limited amount of adjunct therapies, seeing as their alveolar tissue is essentially scar tissue now with maybe a hint of underlying inflammation. Even in the ICU, oxygenation is the primary problem with restrictive lung disease patients. Vent settings can only go so far with this, what is commonly solved with a PEEP adjustment on other patients is not necessarily beneficial with PF due to the lack of lung tissue elasticity. (PF turns the lung into a theoretical leather bag with minimal stretch)

They are commonly fast tracked on the lung transplant list, especially if they can't oxygenate even on 100% fio2. These patients commonly will live at low sp02's. True PF patients will not benefit from inhalers unless their PFT shows reversibility. If the patient has CHF and is on diuretics, making sure that is managed well will help reduce potential pulm edema which would directly effect oxygenation. There are several research studies under way to help find a treatment or a cure for PF, but as of right now there are only a few anti-inflammatory meds that can help slow it down, most patients immediately get put on a transplant list.

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