What is the best path into PH nursing?

  1. I've spent 20 years in finance, with a BS in business. I then got an MPH and am now in the first year of nursing school (2 year program). I will work and get my BSN after I'm licensed.

    What is the best area for me to get experience in, in order to get a job in public health? Is it better to do my internship in a direct patient care area like urgent care or home health so I have some amount of "hands on"? Or should I request a PH placement for my internship? My concern is that if I don't get hired off my internship into PH because of no openings (NM is a poor state!) or because they want a BSN, then I will have a harder time getting work because my internship was less geared toward direct care.

    Help is appreciated! Thanks.
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  3. by   mariebailey
    I think a health director would be thrilled to see your resume show up, regardless of what you do for your practicum. I did community health nursing as my practicum, and I regret it because I just want to have some of those fundamental bedside skills, even if I never end up using them. I went straight into public health nursing following graduation, and I was never asked about my practicum during interviewing. Did you have a community/public health nursing component to your program? Most interviewers assess a nurse's comprehension of public health - what it is, and how it's different from tertiary care. My guess is you can handle that. What is your area of concentration with regard to your MPH?
  4. by   DawnJ
    My MPH specialty was Community Health Education. The only kind of PH the RN program does is a semester at Healthcare for the Homeless. And, if I request a PH practicum assignment for my last semester then they will do their best to find me one.