PHN Certification in California requirements

  1. Hi and good day, I am new to posting on a topic and hopefully any feedback would be helpful. I am an Rn working here in CA and is applying to have my PHN certificate thru the Board of Registered Nursing. Since I am a foreign grad, they have given me names of homestudy schools on where I can enroll to meet the requirements of PHN here in CA. I have already submitted to them my application, transcript and Mandatory Child Abuse Couse Certificate but they are still requiring me some more documents. Has anyone had this same situation? Thanks!
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  3. by   arcelyn0312
    Hi purpe_candyzz.. Im also a foreign grad, planning to get my phn certificate.. Where did you get the mandatory child abuse course?
  4. by   purple_candyzz
    Hi arcelyn0312...i got it at Gannett Education and the course is titled: How Nurses Can Help Prevent Child Abuse and it's 7 hours which fulfills the requirement they want. Just search for Gannett Education at Google and it will show...I still have about two more courses that the board wants me to take because I am a foreign grad...I have heard they are very strict in certifying PHNs now (unlike before) which is why I am hoping they would issue me one but if not, it's okay. But I won't lose hope Good luck to us both
  5. by   arcelyn0312
    Is it an online class? I am wondering if I need to get more too. I come from Philippines.
  6. by   arcelyn0312
    Hi purple_candyzz. I cant seem to find that course. Do you mind sending me the link? Please
  7. by   purple_candyzz
    Hi.... Gannett Education is also is the link...How Nurses Can Help Prevent Child Maltreatment | 60077 > Continuing Education Unit at
    That's the one I sent to them.
  8. by   arcelyn0312
    Thank you so much!
  9. by   purple_candyzz
    You're welcome Best of luck to us
  10. by   ArEn47
    Good day, any updates with the PHN certification...thanks.
  11. by   kung_kung86
    hi! are you from the Philippines? i graduated in the Philippines and i am trying to get my PHN certificate. i am just wondering if you already got your certificate? what documents are they requiring you to give? are there any additional courses that you need to take? thanks