Leave HHN for Public Health Nursing?

  1. I've been in HHN for 2 years and recently switched home health agencies. Well, after being at my new job for 1 week, I received a letter to interview with my local health department for a Community Health Nurse position. I really want to accept the position if offered, but I feel bad leaving a job so soon after starting. Since I started nursing 6 years ago, I've always wanted to be a Community Health Nurse. So if there are any community health nurses out there please give your input if this is the right move and how to tell my new job I am leaving after 2 weeks.
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  3. by   DutchgirlRN
    Go for it! You need to lookout for yourself. A mere two weeks with an agency is a good time to leave, before you've created a working relationship with your patients. I wouldn't say anything until you know for sure you have the Public Health job. Tell the DON exactly what you've said here. It's been your dream to be a public heath nurse. Chances are they'll be happy for you and not want to stand in your way.

    I quit my agency and the hospital (where I was employed since 1981) just this past week. Both were happy for me getting my new job and said they'd take me back in a heartbeat. Good Luck!