Interview with Florida Health Department

  1. I have a job interview with Health Department(Florida) next Friday, If any one has any interview question that I might get asked I would appreciate knowing them.

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  3. by   spottysmom
    Make sure your are up to date on cpr protocol (due to probably providing immunizations). I have been employed at two seperate health departments and during both interviews I was asked to "name a problem you had with a supervisor and how did you solve it?" and "name a time when you had a difficult patient and how did you resolve the issue?". Emphasize how much you enjoy teaching (big, big part of this job). In my opinion, managers in public health seem to be much more interested in how you interact with others (them, coworkers, the public) then what you know (technically speaking). They know that you have the capability to learn facts (you managed to get through nursing school!) Also, alot depends on what position you are interviewing for: if you are doing investigations you need to be tenacious and at least somewhat assertive, if you are doing children's immunizations you need to be friendly and non-threatening, and so on. So that's my opinion, I believe they will ask alot of questions on how you problem solve during interactions with others.
    Good Luck!!!
  4. by   anc33
    Also, you it will probably be a group interview. I think 6 people from different departments participated in my interview. Mostly behavioral question but a few questions pertaining to the dept's pt population. Good luck.
  5. by   kayla123
    I work for the FL DOH. By the time you get this, your interview will probably already be over. But it consists of a minimum of 2 people interviewing you with situational questions, such as what would you do in this kind of a situation, etc. I was asked how I handle abusive pts, how do I deal with complaints, have I ever disagreed with a supervisor and what was the out come. I could not get a read on a decision, but I was hired 3 weeks later. Then came background checks, reference checks, fingerprints, this took another 2 weeks, had to wait for orientation another 2 weeks, and finally started after almost 3 months after being hired! The wheels of the state grind slowly, so do not get upset if you don't hear something immediately. What kind of position are you applying for? Keep us updated, and Good Luck!!!