How do I get a Patient Advocate?

  1. My best friend is currently a patient at a very large hospital/ public system. She is an uninsured single parent after becoming unemployed due to her debilitating illness. Unfortunately, she has not yet been given a clear diagnosis although she has been treated for various symptoms and flare ups. A few doctors have brought up illness such as MS and Lupus. She is a very intelligent person and was actually preparing for medical school prior to her illness. We keep getting alot of run around and she is not seeing the specialists she needs to. Unfortunately, she needs help right away, or she will soon be homeless, since she is not receiving disability benefits. I have heard of such things as patient advocates? How would l locate one in her area? Is this something that would be through a hospital or would we have to get one another way? No one seems to be really listening to her and running the tests that would be necessary to help her.
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  3. by   purplemania
    Start with the social worker in that facility. They should be able to make referrals.
  4. by   Freeda
    I finally got a reply from the hospital. We had asked the social worker with no luck. Then I found that the hospital was posting a job for a patient advocate, so I just responded to the contact person for the job opening. Thank you for the response.