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Hi. I have applied to a PHN position & am crossing fingers for an interview. Do you have any advice as far as websites to brush up on PH issues? Any common interview scenario type questions that I... Read More

  1. by   Genista
    Thanks everyone! I was feeling so hopeful, since they had several openings. Maybe I will keep a tiny glimmer of hope for another week or two. Maybe by some miracle I will get a call. Thanks for your kind words. It is the type of nursing I would LOVE to do. :-)
  2. by   Genista
    Update: Looks like I might get an interview!! I have to call next week. Fingers crossed! It would be a dream opportunity for me. But, it's tough competition out here. Please think good thoughts & send well wishes.
  3. by   tinderbox
    When I got interviewed, I met with a 3 person panel with set pre-planned questions. Questions such as:
    What draws you to Public Health?
    Tell me a time when you were able to persuade someone reluctant to change (a co-worker, patient, MD, etc) to see things a certain way.
    Tell me of a time when you had to display leadership skills.

    And of course, the perennial favorite of interview questions: Tell me of a a difficult situation with a patient, co-worker, MD, etc. and how you were able to come to a resolution.

    There were a couple other ones that I can't remember, but those stand out. I was very nervous and didn't think I'd get called back, but I must've done something right because I got the job!
  4. by   Genista
    Thanks Tinderbox. Glad you got the job! I'm going to call and set up the interview this week.
  5. by   Genista
    Hi everyone. Good news...I am in process of multiple interviews! I have a few questions about specialization in PH & wondering if my background will allow me to succeed in these areas of interest. If you apply for PHN I in an area for which you don't have professional experience, can you succeed in PH in the new area (by drawing on your transferable skills?) I interviewed for an area that interests me, and that I don't have much experience professionally, but want to make sure I would do well there. Many positions I am applying for are autonomous, and I would have to do self study to catch up to speed in the new area clinically. These are all PHN I positions, but in children's and maternal/child programs, and my background is strong for adult medicine. I am very interested in the new areas, but want to know if I would need a strong background in maternal/child or peds to do well, or if I could learn on the job having been an experienced acute care medicine RN for over a decade? What is your experience? I am very excited, but also want to do well if I am lucky enough to be offered a position. Should I stick with the adult PHN programs, or can I successfully move into the other areas? Thanks!
  6. by   sourapril
    Just want to check with OP to see if you got that job and how you like it so far?
  7. by   Genista
    Hi sourapril. I did get the job & I love it! Thanks for asking.
  8. by   sourapril
    Did it take long for them to get back to you after the interview? I interviewed for a health department job a week ago and the waiting is driving me crazy.
  9. by   Genista
    Hi Souapril- I think it took a couple weeks to get the letter in the mail saying my application was received, and maybe another 2 weeks before I was called to interview. It was a slooooow process, but worth the wait. Good luck to you!