Health inspectors in nursing?

  1. Recently I've become aware of health and safety issues here in my apartment highrise.
    The water temperature has been declining steadily for the last 6 weeks. I think that was in response to the cost of several airconditioning units that they were finaly forced to install(for me it's been a year since my apt was under 75 in the summer).
    My apt building pays for gas to heat those boilers.
    I started to worry that bacteria would rather grow in warm water,and that they were probably incubating something deadly.
    2 hours after I had called the county health dept,the water was hot enough to not have to boil water.
    Quite a coincidence that that part they said they were waiting on came in just then

    Anyhoo,since I would take great pleasure in communicating these dangers,and the fines associated with them to these kinds of apt managers as part of a job description,I wondered if there wasn't that sort of thing as a nursing field.

    Also,if anyone knows where to access guidelines for eviromental safety issues like these,let me know. I would even buy some testing equipment for my own use. I might as well not waste this highrise petri dish I live in.............uhhmm?
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  3. by   Sharon

    The laws and regulations you are interested in are a combination of federal, state, and local regulations. You could begin with a good industrial health text, which gets into the actual legally accepted measuring methods and tools. Just remember that the text is geared primarily to work sites.

    There is a sub group of industrial health that is residential building maintenance. In my community we have adult education programs, (primary, community college, and parks and recreation) that have courses and certificates in residential building maintenance and management.

    I am not sure what country or state other than "out of the Box" you live in but a good place to start in the USA is If you do a search for safe drinking water it will get you to the federal agencies that regulate some aspects of portable water. The page does have links to specific state agencies.

    In the past I have used the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, state commissioners, local code enforcement officers, fire department inspectors. Some of the most specific laws are at the local level be aware that activating them could possibly result in a partial condemned unit.
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