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PT Work for a San Diego Nursing Student


Specializes in Case Management. Has 1 years experience.

Hello All!

I was wondering if there was anyone out there with actual examples (not just general suggestions) for part time employment for a full time nursing student?

I'll be scheduled to start a AcBSN in January of 2017- and my current employer has already confirmed they will not be able to covert my current Salary FT job into an Hourly PT position... :( I mourned this heavily as I'm very well paid and love my job - but it just doesn't fit within their business model or needs at this time....

I'm trying to research possible PT employment so I can start applying about a month or so before school starts. I know the usual suggestions are Patient Care Tech, Transporter, Phlebotomy, Pharmacy Tech, CNA etc...

Here is my current issue ... I'm a certified case manager for a health plan and has a Masters in Healthcare Admin... BUT - I DO NOT HAVE ANY OF THESE CERTIFICATIONS!

I really don't want to spend extra money to get a certification to get a PT job with low pay - It seems counter intuitive to me...

Certainly there must be SOMETHING I can do, or some facilities in San Diego hiring that doesn't absolutely require additional training and certifications... ?

Does any one have any insider info on the actual Titles or Facilities in the area I can maybe look into??

I greatly appreciate any insight ?