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Psychosocial rehab nurse?


I was speaking to a pacu nurse today who was telling me about her new job where she will be leading PSR groups at a state hospital. How common is this for a RN? I would assume not very because most of the people we saw leading groups during psych clinicals (at the same facility she will be working at) were either social workers or activity therapists. Seems like it would be a fun job.

Davey Do

Specializes in around 25 years psych, 10 years medical. Has 42 years experience.

I worked for a while as an Agency fill-in Nurse for PSR Program at a Mental Health Clinic back in '96.

Running groups was part of the duties. Other duties consisted of Indvidual Med Training, Med Administration, including IM Decanoates, Case Manager, and State Hospital Liaison.

It was alright, for a temporary job.