Psychology on Hesi Entrance?????


Hello Everyone.Im a pre-nursing major at the University of the District of Colombia in Washington,D.C..i just received a letter from my school sayin that i passed the 1st part of the application process but now i have to take the question is has anyone heard of psychology being on the test?i called my school to see what parts were on it and they said psychology,math,reading,and a&p..ive been looking at all the post on reguarding the entrance hesi & never seen anyone talk about psychology on it..PLEASE HELP....i take next friday!


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I took the Hesi test last month. There were sections on math, reading and comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, biology, chemistry, and a&p, but there was not one for psychology. Call the school and confirm that there is a psychology portion. Hopefully you were misinformed. Good Luck!


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On my entrance Hesi A2, we did not have psychology. Maybe they meant biology or physiology, but I do not think psychology. As above poster said, I would call someone and confirm-Good Luck to you:wink2:

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No psychology on mine either!


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I have never heard of psychology on the Hesi. It wasn't on mine, and I have never even seen it on any Hesi list.


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They have an psychological profile section, below is the info. from the "evolve" site


  • Personality Profile - Uses concepts related to introversion and extroversion to classify the student's personality style.
    • 15 items
    • Time allotment: 15 minutes

  • Learning Style - Assesses the preferred learning style of the prospective applicant and offers test-taking and study tips suited to that learning style.
    • 14 items
    • Time allotment: 15 minutes

hope this helps.

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