white uniforms vs. colored/printed

  1. Does anyone have any research information on white uniforms vs. colored/prints for the elderly/Alzheimer resident? My administrator wants nurses to go back to white. We want the other because of style, fun and "this is 2002 !" Thanks
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  3. by   the new girl
    My only response to this is that in my experience as long as they (meaning the patients) know that " the staff are the ones wearing blue shirts" for example, then don't modify that. Continuity of care and their routines are a big deal, as I'm sure you already know, and something as simple to you and me as our clothes could throw them WAY off.
  4. by   Nurse Ratched
    No hard evidence or research to offer here either, but it has been my experience in 14 years of geriatrics that I get hit less when wearing my whites! There is something about the uniform that seems to calm even the most demented patients - I think it reaches into their long term memories and is generally a positive association. I also think it's comforting to family members to be able to spot the nurses right away.
  5. by   morghan
    I have almost thirteen years experience in GeriPsych ... I think it matters less what staff wear than it does how they are able to respond to and relate with the elderly population. Patience. understanding and a sense of humor are keys to successful realtions with the older client
  6. by   Orca
    I work with geropsych patients, and the large majority of the staff on my floor wear street clothes. We have the option of wearing scrubs or uniforms if we like, with no restriction on color.

    The only thing I have seen a problem with is staff wearing scrubs with a busy, repetitive pattern on them (cartoon characters, etc.). Patients who have visual hallucinations can react negatively to them. It can also be too much for patients with Alzheimer's Disease, who go into sensory overload easily.