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I work in corrections in the UK, mentally disordered and personality disordered offenders. Where are you all, surely there are some threads about Borderlines and Psychopaths, any in Florida...thats... Read More

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    Claire, you are feeling exactly as I did when I first saw examples of NCLEX questions. But by studying lots of literature, it starts to become a little less intimidating (only a little less tho!). There are many books, CD roms, online review courses available and I can certainly recommend some but what I would say to you is this - concentrate on the Credentials Evaluation and VisaScreen first as this can take months. There is a process everyone has to go through and it can be complicated, daunting and very time consuming. Private sponsorship is not an option unfortunately, you have to have an employer who is willing to sponsor you.
    If you go to the International Nursing Forum on here you will be able to pick up loads of info and advice, there's a sticky which takes you through the whole process. You will also see there's a lot of help from a lady called Suzanne4. Believe me, what she doesn't know ain't worth knowing. So when you can, go have a read, I'm sure you'll be glad you did, it's certainly been a great help to me.
    Let me know what you think,

    PS : Yes PM is private mail
    off to work now, grave yard shift! However would like to get together in private mail tomorrow if you arent busy. You set the time after 3pm. I will start making inroads into the credentials and visascreen, got the former sorted, what about the latter. how did you start the process? Are there lots of forms to fill out. At least the criminal records check wont be a prob, the Home Office hold all our details.. Any info greatfully received. Will definitely visit that forum you mentioned, probably about 3 in the morning. Its good to have a buddy. Thanks, claire
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    Quote from Claire Chapman
    I work in corrections in the UK, mentally disordered and personality disordered offenders. Where are you all, surely there are some threads about Borderlines and Psychopaths, any in Florida...thats where I intend to move in the coming months.
    Greetings Claire, I work in the State of Wisconsin. Our facility is Community-Based Psychciatric Care and in 1999 we moved out of the main hospital Bldg. Our hospital expanded the AODA facility that we had and we now function on the catagory of "Behavior Health". This encompasses: Inpt. Psych, Outpt. Psych and AODA (alcohol and other drug abuse). Our Axis II pts are mixed in with the 'rest' of Psych. Our team consists of Psychiatrists, MD's, Nurses (RN's LPN's and CNA's), Psych Social Worker and AODA Social Worker, Psych. Therapist (geratric, adult, adolescent and child) AODA Counselors, OT (occupational therapists), Chaplain and a Client Rights Specialist as well as people out in the community such as CSP (Community Support Program), and the various County Mental Health Coordinators and probably a lot of others such as our local police department, employers, religious persons (priests and pastors, ministers), Nursing Homes and John Doe Public in the form of Mental Health Alliance Groups. I believe that because we are considered living in a "rural" area, we are a melting pot of all Axis's of Mental Health. I love my work and everyday is a challenge, as they say, "Never a dull moment". Our nursing staff RN-wise consists of a master prepared RN, BSN RN's (four year nurses), Diploma RN's (three year program nurses), ADN RN's (two year nurses). Some of our nurses are Psych Certified.Until a few years ago, a Psych Nurse with 'x' amt. of hours could take the test for certification, pass it and become certified in Psych. but then it was changed so that you had to be a BSN nurse before you can take your certification test. My personal goal is to complete my Maters in Advanced Practice Nursing as a Psych. Nurse and work in our facility as the first Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse. Needless to say this will be a few years (3) coming. Good Luck in your endeavors. Katie