When are you ready for boards?

  1. I recently graduated as PMHNP. I took off a week and have been studying for the last 3 weeks. I purchased the ANCC questions and took them until I scored over 95% on each test set. I took the ANCC review in June, completed the ANCC workbook and read all the ANCC psych book. I am currently listening and taking notes on Barclays review. Not only am I sick of studying, I am just ready to get it over with but I also don't want to risk failing it and having to wait two months. It's a risk regardless, right? How did you know when you were ready for boards?
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  3. by   Jules A
    I was ready as soon as I got the ok to test. In my experience it was way easier than I anticipated with plenty of the annoying nursing fluff that has nothing to do with prescribing psychiatric medications. If you are sick of studying you are probably more than ready.
  4. by   hgs797
    Thank you, Jules. I feel like I can study until the end of the year and still not feel 100% confident. I received my eligibility letter on Tuesday. Unfortunately,I am in a state that requires certification. Many of my peers are in a state that doesn't, so as a result, they were able to start work immediately.
  5. by   Meriwhen
    I haven't taken NP boards so I can't speak to that specific experience...but when it came to the NCLEX, I knew that I would never feel 100% ready--I needed to have a target date set. I chose a date 8 weeks from graduation and studied with the aim of testing (not rescheduling) on that day. When that day came, I still didn't feel 100% ready, but I did feel a little relieved that the day of the test was finally here. And of course, the weekend of waiting for the results was the worst weekend in my life

    Best of luck with your test!
  6. by   Itshamrtym

    With the PMHNP there is no DNP? Sorry for the silly question . thank you!
  7. by   hgs797
    Hello, Not a silly question at all. There was a big push for the NP program to be switched to a DNP, with 2015 as the deadline. However, if I am not mistaken, this may have deterred some people from enrolling, so I think many backed off. Nonetheless, many institutions did make the transition. I happened to get into the last MSN class at my university. You can still find Master's NP programs, although I do not think they are as prevalent.
  8. by   hgs797
    I passed boards this week!! So glad it's finally behind me and I can now look forward to starting work
  9. by   Itshamrtym
    Thank you!