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I hesitated with starting an exclusive online PMHNP program but I am thrilled to start such a dynamic, flexible program. We are a military family stationed overseas and the School of Nursing has... Read More

  1. by   Sha-Sha RN
    Quote from 123geri
    Hello Sha-sha RN, I have been accepted to this SBU NP program and would like to know your thoughts on the program thus far. What are the classroom interactions like, the tests, research projects and professors in delivering quality lectures? Are you completely on your own to teach yourself or do the professors upload lectures/videos? Please let me know.
    Hi 123geri,
    Have you been accepted to the online program or onsite? I'm in the online ANP program. so whatever program you got into may be different from what I will tell you. Honestly I would tell anyone doing the online prog. with SBU be prepared to be very self directed. I started in Summer 2011 and I'm now doing my second of 4 clinicals. My initial start in the program was rough as well for a lot of others because there was so much detachment between the professors and the students. There were no video lectures to watch or discussion board activity. It was strictly go online to the course look at your power points and read the related chapters in the book and hope for the best. Maybe you will get a blueprint if the test in what to focus on fir the exams, but a lot of times those were not helpful. Sometimes the work we submitted helped but I felt I was teaching myself to be an NP.
    The hardest part of the program is having to find your own preceptors, so start now. The school really does not offer help in this area. I almost quit the program last semester because of this. One if my classmates left this semester because if some parts of all the above.

    I will say that last semester my program (ANP) got a new director and almost all new faculty, and they are working really hard to improve our learning and experience as evidenced by the video lectures that started this semester, the onsite visits we make 4 times a year and more communication from the professors. Also for this semester they made available the pharmacology class materials because the new professors know we had no help or guidance from our past professors when we took that course almost a year and a half ago.

    So my advice when you go to the onsite orientation, meet some people so you can form groups with them later because a lot of the class work leading to the clinicals is done in groups. My group is what helped me learn and get through. Also start working on finding preceptors.
    I hope this helps.
  2. by   123geri
    Hello ShashaRN, Thanks alot for the info. It is invaluable to me. I am in the online Psychiatric NP program. I will begin this summer. I'll follow through with the information you have provided and hope for the best. Good Luck to you, with the remainder of your classes!
  3. by   mkny14
    Hi 123geri,
    When did you hear? I'm waiting on the online post- master's certificate adult NP program. They said mid to late April...needless to say, the wait is painfully dragging on.
  4. by   123geri
    I heard last tuesday. They gave me ten days to accept or decline. Good luck to you!
  5. by   RNVP25
    Thank you very informative.

    I work at a hospital in Brooklyn as an RN and the NP's are great on my floor. can i set up a contract there with school for my clinicals??

    Thank you again
  6. by   Sha-Sha RN
    Quote from RNVP25
    Thank you very informative. I work at a hospital in Brooklyn as an RN and the NP's are great on my floor. can i set up a contract there with school for my clinicals?? Thank you again
    Only if you are in an acute care NP program, which Stonybrook does not have or in the psych NP or neonatal program then you can do clinicals in the hospital. I don't think you can do clinicals on a floor you already work on.
  7. by   kfitzy89
    Have you found that Stonybrook is a great educational experience and are the instructors reliable, accountable, friendly, and realistic? Would love to hear more about the PMHNP program
  8. by   Robyn220
    Hi all, I was in a PA program and for reasons. Had to drop out. I am now applying to stony brooks accelerated nursing program since I have a prior degree and then want to apply to the online NP program. I am not sure if I want to do adult medicine or pysch yet. Any experiences on either would be great. For example, what a day is like for you. Also how did you find the online program? What text books did you use I am just trying to compare what I will be learning to my PA program. All the info would be great. Does anyone work there? My bf is a resident in the ER . I will be there in sept 2 for an info session for the accelerated nursing program but I am n the area all the time. I don't know if it's possible but spending a day with an NP would be great . Thanks Robyn
  9. by   Berkshire1995
    Anyone in the Stony Brook NP certificate post-master's program?
  10. by   Berkshire1995
    Oops, post-master's psych NP program?
  11. by   NurseLRW
    Has anyone applied to the Summer NP program at SBU? If yes when did u apply and have you been accepted? Interviewed? Etc etc

    Lesley Rothschild, BSN, RN
  12. by   Helloeverybody
    I am messaging people left and right about this, and I am hoping to find an answer here. Background, I worked part time through ADN nursing school, and it was extremely difficult for me to do so, but it's because I obsess over details. My class also had a 50% passing rate, if that gives you a clue about the program. Anyway. I am a NY'er, my first degree was actually from SUNY Plattsburgh. I saw the PMHNP program that Stony Brook is offering.

    Well without further ado, the question is, how convenient is it to work full time as an RN, and get through this program? By convenient, I mean, being able to work, and study, and not be sleep deprived, nothing else. I am not talking about going out every other weekend, or spending social time with family. Just work and study, like a freakin ant! lol Also can a person extend the program for 4 - 6 years? I hope this doesn't sound strange, I just don't really know how NP programs work.
  13. by   matthdrn
    I just graduated from Stony Brooks PMHNP program. I ended up taking a break and graduated in 3 years. The only downside is that your clinical courses have to go in order and you cannot do clinical during the summer session.

    I personally did not work full time during the clinical portion, but I know many of my classmates that did. It gets tough at times, but you can extend it to 4 years I believe is the max.