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I will be starting to work in a state run behavioral/nursing home type setting soon. Some of the pts have been in this facility for many years(mental retardation, Down's syndrome) and regular nursing... Read More

  1. by   elkpark
    As other posters have noted, the laws on forcing meds vary from state to state. It's important to be aware of the law in the state you are practicing in, and be sure that you follow it. In general, psych patients have the same right to refuse treatment (including meds) that any other patient does, and there are some legal restrictions put on that right to refuse.

    In the case of a person who has been adjudicated incompetent and has a legal guardian, it is the guardian who gives or withholds consent.

    There are good and bad and mediocre state hospitals (as places to work), just like anyplace else, and there are some advantages and some disadvantages to working at a state hospital as compared to a community hospital. IMO, the important thing is to find out as much as you can in order to make a good decision, the same as you would with any other hospital or potential employer.