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  1. I have put in my first week as a "nurse resident" at our state psych. hospital (APS) and am on an admission unit with adults and adolescents. I graduated from nursing school (ADN) last month and am due to take the NCLEX on July 2nd (like no major stress right? Right now I'm going thru the 4 week general orientation program plus some time spent on the unit itself. After that we get to have approx. 6 mos. of orientation to all the different units. I'm going in not exactly 'cold', as I have spent many years in the past, not as a nurse, but as a direct care staff supervisor (and as direct care) working with DD/MR clients, many of whom also had psychiatric diagnoses. Everyone has been nice there, but I sure do feel like a fifth wheel and was practically overjoyed when I was able to voluteer to do a NIX treament (*finally, something I *know* how to do!!!!) So, I guess what I'm asking, is for any basic advice from all you veteran psych nurses out there, willing to share some nuggets of wisdom about what is most important to know as far as.....well....anything, but mostly relating to dealing with the mental health workers on the floor and balancing that with the "pie-in-the-sky-theorists" aka: "the powers that be" in administration. Also, any preferences as to what shift is the best to work?? Previously, I've always worked 3-11, but right now I'm on days until my "residency" is over. Any input will be tremenously appreciated. And TIA!!!!:kiss

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    I would suggest working 3-11 at first as it is sometimes alittle quieter, less meetings and Dr's, SW's etc. but on the other hand days are good if you want to get some experience participating in groups, intervention meetings etc. they're usually held during 7-3 shift when everyone is there. It can be tough when you are asked to work days and you have never done them. It is hard to balance the different disiplines I agree but just remember your role and keep your ears open to what everyone is doing and you'll soon find your niche. Good luck