Shortage of qualified nurses May 31 2004

  1. Shortage of qualified nurses May 31 2004

    Paul Carey, The Western Mail

    THE Mental Health Act Commission visit to Cefn Coed Hospital found a number of wards reported a shortage of qualified nurses.

    The commissioners' report added, "Throughout the period under review commissioners have frequently commented on the fact the doors of the acute admissions wards have been locked for considerable periods.

    "The trust has agreed to look into the reasons why these doors have been locked.

    "The final analysis and recommendations of the trust's audit are awaited with interest."

    A spokesman for the trust said, "Doors have been locked, partly as a result of comparatively low staffing levels and the absence of low secure facilities.

    "Since the splitting of Ward 6 , both Ward 6 and Ward D have enjoyed the benefit of having doors open for prolonged periods."
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