Secure cases for CPAP machines?

  1. Good morning Y'all,
    I worked at an acute psychiatric hospital that had cases bolted to the floor in several rooms that would secure CPAP machines for patients, so that the cords and tubing would not pose a ligature risk and the outlet was not accessible without opening the locked case. I am now at the VA working on the Acute Psych unit and we use a staff member to sit with patients when they use a CPAP, which as you can imagine can be a hassle. I asked my nurse manager if she had heard of these cases, and she hadn't - so she asked me to pass any information about them to her. Problem is - I can't find anything. Anyone have experience with them or where I should look?

    I really appreciate your help!
    ~Gette, RN
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  3. by   puravidaLV
    More than likely your internal engineering department can build the same cabinets that are used in these cases. For the most part its a night stand with a small hole for the mask hose to go through. Its obviously locked and for most CPAP machines all you have to do is breath, but if the pt wants to have it you just unlock it. The electrical flush and mounted securely against the wall.

    I'm a fellow VA person and just remember for the most part managers never managed any where in the real world so spelling it out requires pictures and short sentences. Oh and adjectives lots of those. Picture below for reference.

    Perdue Woodworks CPAP Nightstand | Birch Lane