School presentation on Psych Nursing - HELP!

  1. I've to go to my kid's high school and give a presentation on psychiatric/mental health nursing. Needless to say, the thought of standing before a bunch of 17-18 year olds makes me very nervous! Does anyone have any ideas as to what/how I should present information???

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  3. by   LeavingTeaching4RN
    Perhaps a powerpoint with info about mental health/mental illness and the psych nursing role in therapy and in creating the therapeutic environment. Also, maybe you could include information about conditions that affect their age group (substance abuse, depression, child abuse/DV) and information on how to get help. Just some ideas...
  4. by   Jules A
    Know any drug reps? There are simulators and videos that are aimed at showing what it is like to have different types of mental illness. That would be way cool if you could get one of them to come. Plus they always have great freebies that will surely make you a hit with the class. If not I'd consider finding a short documentary type video showing real people and their struggles with mental illness. Good luck.
  5. by   Mr Ian
    Some thoughts that might be of help I hope...

    Kids/young adults that age aren't so interested in taking care of themselves - they're into a bit of risk and don't feel susceptible to anything - they're indestructible!

    So I'd suggest you gear the presentation towards information on how they might help a friend who needed their support. It can give them the insight/awareness they need without feeling personally challenged.

    I'd cover the main topics of:
    What is mental health - What is mental illness. Do the "1 in 4 people have mental health issues - think of your 3 closest friends and if it isn't one of them - it must be you"
    Most common lifetime issues - eg anxiety, stress, reactive/adjustment depression, phobias
    Most serious conditions - eg the psychoses
    Most common serious adolescent issues - eg suicide, substances, stress and I'd also add some PTSD here.

    ..and present each topic with recognising it by understanding some of the key processes and how to support a person with such a condition.

    I'd also add 'stigma' into the equation and try and dispel some of the urban myths.

    How long have you got to present for?
  6. by   MSN Student
    Thanks for your help. I appreciate the ideas you gave me! I will be presenting probably for 30-45 minutes. I will definately try to dispel some of the urban myths. I did think about playing a recording of auditory hallucinations, and am still wondering whether to do it or not.