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  1. Hi, All,

    I was called this a.m. about interviewing for a mental health associate's job at a nearby hospital where I'd like to work after graduation in May. I have good friends who work in this unit and will serve as excellent references. And if I get this job and the chemistry is good, the psych unit will have some RN jobs available b/c a few are retiring this spring.

    I enjoyed my psych rotation, where I got to spend time in recovery, mood disorders, personality disorders and adolescents. I have a dear friend who is 10 years into treatment-resistant bipolar disorder, and I have been all over the map with her. I am also a survivor of my own childhood issues. So while I feel I am 'green', I'm not a fresh sprout, know what I mean?

    For those of you experienced in pysch nursing, how should I prepare for the interview? I am an 'older' graduate with 20+ years of experience as a PR professional. I have kids and feel I am a good communicator. I also love people for who they are and have never felt judgmental toward pts, regardless. Nothing bothers me more than jaded nurses who stereotype.

    What sorts of questions do you think they will ask in the interview and what questions should I ask them? I would appreciate any advice and insight you can offer. This is a voluntary, insurance-mandatory unit. Thanks!

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