RN Psych Issues & License

  1. Wondering how many psych nurses have psych issues, have been on psych meds or hospitalized, and have kept their licenses and been able to work.
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  3. by   Jules A
    No clue on the actual data but I would bet many in all fields of nursing. We are only human just like the rest of the population.
  4. by   Leahr
    I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and on effexor 75mg BID. I have never been hospitalized, though I think I could of benefitted from it a couple times. I think I can empathize well with patients and place my self in their shoes a little easier than nurses who do not have psych issues. In fact, I think this why I was drawn to psych as a specialty.
  5. by   inthesky
    I do and it is tricky (as with many other illnesses, both physical and mental). A few months ago, I needed to take a month-long emergency leave and change of shift related to a night shift emotional exacerbation. Circadian rhythms are seriously no joke! It was approved medical leave and by means of the ADA, day shift is a reasonable accommodation for me. I have to take extra good care of myself. I rarely work overtime and never work shifts longer than 12 hours (others might see this as a lack of teamwork). I have always maintained high grades and dependable work ethic. I am even applying to start a psych DNP program. Weathering the inevitable seasonal mood swings (mitigated with meds but still present) and coping with a lower threshold for stress is definitely a challenge. Discrimination is still rampant and I sometimes feel like I carry a deep dark secret.
  6. by   felixfelix
    I've never been hospitalized and have been able to work thru a lot, but if I was hospitalized, I would feel better knowing the staff knows what I was going thru, just like I'd feel better having a nurse who has had a total hip or something taking care of me on an ortho floor.