Risperdal Consta

  1. I'd like to hear about any experiences with Risperdal Consta injections. The patients in our outpt clinic report that these injections are more painful than the Prolixin Dec or Haldol Dec injections they had been getting before switching to this med, and sometimes it is difficult to inject the medication in patients who were long-term recipients of Decanoate medications. I have had numerous incidents where the Risperdal Consta will not go in and have had to withdraw the needle, replace it with one of the spare needles provided by the Risperdal Consta manufacturer, and stick the person again. Anybody else have this problem?
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  3. by   greenr06
    I actually take that stuff in the butt. If you do it right it shouldn't hurt. If someone complains that it hurts then maybe they didn't take it out of the fridge to let it cool down. Also you have to did it in the right spot. I always let stay out of the fridge for an 30min-an hour. Makes a difference.
  4. by   Morgan314
    Thank you for your response. I feel so isolated in this situation because other nurses I've talked to have not had any issues with the injections.
    The troubles I've had giving Risperdal Consta is with the 50mg, and the patients who are getting it had taken large doses of Haldol Dec for many years. The person I called at the Risperdal helpline suggested that the build-up of scar tissue from yrs of Haldol Dec injections is the reason the Risperdal Consta will not go in. I used to think the needle was getting clogged, but when I withdraw it, it is not clogged,so it must be a problem with the person's butt. I've tried to go up farther and out farther at the site, but then it feels like I'm sticking them in the back!!
    Did you mean that you yourself are on Risperdal Consta? Just curious.
  5. by   greenr06
    Yes, I have been on it for little over a year now. Just making sure the stuff has been out of the fridge and switching sides of the butt will help alot.
  6. by   lovinghands
    I've never had any trouble giving Consta but your pt population sounds different than mine as I work in a acute setting.

    Is it possible that you give it ventral gluteal for those who have the scar tissue? I've always given it dorsal gluteal as its to be injected in deep muscle. I guess this is something that I would discuss with the pts attending & pharmacy as it would influence the pts treatment outcome.

    Nice to know that Risperdal has a helpline - let me know what you find out.