Report Side Effects to Psychologist?

  1. It was difficult to determine where to post this question.
    I work in a correctional setting where ths psychiatrist is part time and the psychologist (limited license) attempts to "run the show". I was called into the administrator's office today with the psychologist and ordered to stop notifying the psychiatrist of medication side effects. I was told that the mental health workers (unlicensed), social worker and psychologist would assess side effects. I asked the psychologist: " What is neuroleptic malignant syndrome?"

    The psychologist replied "I don't know."

    I was simply attempting to reinforce what I had already stated to the psychologist and the administrator. Personnel without a nursing, nurse practitioner, medical or physician assistant license are not trained in pathology, physiology, physical assessment or pharmacology and can not begin to assess side effects of medication.

    I was told that the side effects would not be referred to the psychiatrist unless the mental health worker, social worker or psychologist decided to do so.

    As an R.N., I am afraid that the adminstrator does not realize the scope of the nursing practice act, appropriate standards of care or the duty of the NURSE to notify the prescribing practioner of medication side effects.

    I will attempt to clarify this situation with the BON.

    All input into this situation will be very much appreciated.

    By the way - I already know that this is not a place to practice nursing in an appropriate manner and I am taking steps to leave.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Submit a copy of the standards form your state BON to the administrator, along with a copy of the guidelines for the psychologist according to your state. That should fix things with are the one administering the drug, you are the one responsible for notifying the psychiatrist.................Is the psychologist licensed in your state to order or even administer medications? We all know th eanswer to that one.............

    Think you are making a wise decision to get out of there.
  4. by   Commander Vimes
    As a registered nurse your licence is your passport. you have a duty to the team and your patient and your professional standards to report side effects, but i am sure you already know this.

    its sounds like the usual professional power struggle. tell them to swivel.