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  1. hello ya'll i am new here, excited to have come acrossed it.

    my question.. i had been working prn in a psych clinic, and now i am their full time nurse (lpn). they are bringing in a new dr. and he is going to want me to go over to our in patient psych dept. are there and certifications that i should have or any that would just be helpful. noone i have spoken with knows. i want to be prepared as some of the calls i've gotten in the clinic have even stumped me. any advice would be greatly appreciated
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  3. by   Morgan314
    Are you the only nurse working in the outpatient unit? When you say the new MD will want you to go to the inpatient unit, do you mean you will be transferring to that unit or do you mean you will accompany him when he makes rounds on that unit? It is always beneficial to have certifications. Does your clinic offer inservices or workshops for additional education and credits? Share more information about the calls that stumped you. Were they phone calls? from whom? what was it that stumped you?
    Are you in a rural area or in a city?
  4. by   ursulanursula
    definitely get non-violent crisis intervention (one day course) if you are able. in canada, it is an expectation for psych nurses.

    also, do you have a pharamcology course? this would be very helpful. if not, get yourself a good drug book.

    good luck & have fun.