psychiatric pathways

  1. anyone out there utilizing any clinical pathways for any of the psychiatric diagnoses?
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  3. by   Thea
    We started to pilot pathway developed by sister hospital; it was cumbersome, used a lot of wasted paper, and needed changes...we revised it but then pilot was stopped, believed it could have worked with more fine-tuning. Do you have a specific question about their use?
  4. by   Callan
    not really. I am initiating one for the detox arena(we are a combined unit-MH/AODA). I was wondering if the pathways work for psych. It seems to me they would be too individualized unless they were our chronics.
  5. by   dkain167
    Unless the psychiatrist buys into the pathway- there is no way it will work- I tried to implement a "Depression" pathway" utilizing DPH/JCHO and "Milliman and robertson" guidelines. It was useful in tracking "variances" but if you don't do anything with the information- what's the point!----The Pyschiatrists MUST accept the concept!!!- however- there finanial compensation counter any therapuetic benefits of quick discharges.
  6. by   psych-rn
    I'm also very interested in creating pathways in psych. We have a clinical indicators committee running that could use this information. We use electronic nursing care plans but I am lost as to the creation of creating pathways. Would love to communicate to others - my email is
  7. by   esperanza143
    At Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital in Windsor , Ontario, we have developed pathways for Psychosis, ECT, Eating Disorders, Self Injurious Behavior and Depression .
    We will be starting on hypomania/ Bipolar soon.