Psych work and Depression

  1. Lately I have been suffering from a bout of depression. I HATE to get up and face another day of other peoples problems. How many of you have faced this? How do you stay positive when all you ever hear or see are people who are "down" all the time?
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  3. by   maureeno
    I've been pondering several hours how to respond here....
    psych work is hard, we care for patients who have all the regular hardships of life AND less resources and more problems as well. And who are we, the caregivers? Regular people too with our own set of difficulties. I don't think we need to expect ourselves to be 'up' all the time.
    I have a before work routine which has served me well, especially during times I've been in my own downers. I consciously empty myself with breathing and a bit of meditative prayer and ask to be filled with hope and charity. I do this on my way into work, on the bus and as I walk into the building. This centers me and gives a support on which I can then function. Maybe you can develop your own ritual.
    I am also careful about diet and excercise and rest and having fun with friends.
    Luckily I work in a setting where we [nurses] can be honest with each other and do not have to be artifically cheerful.
    All of nature cycles, we are part of that greater whole.
    hope this gives you some thoughts...
  4. by   Loray
    Hi Georgiagirl,

    It is diffcult working with patient's in this area when you feel down and depressed yourself. Having trusted people you can be honest with is really important espically at work even if it is only one preson. Not taking on your patient's issues is also important.
    Your mealth health is number one.
    We are all human and if we worked on a spinal unit or a cancer ward we would be faced with other sorts of sad situations effecting peoples lives.
    I use to move around healthy people just for the enjoyment of it when I felt overwhelmed with others suffering. Taking time off can be helpful.and.some supervision for yourself.
    .....I guess I pick up on your words "facing other peoples problems" I look at it like this; they face there own problems there not ours. We can be there to support /treat them in this but being positive all the time? i'm not but I would not tell my patients this. Furthermore people do improve and are discharged but alot of the time we don't get to see this. I have worked when I have felt depressed and felt like I should be the patient but I got through it.

    Take care from Loray
  5. by   mumseyllama
    Hi GeorgiaGirl,
    I hope that if you're clinically depressed you've sought help/medication from a trusted clinician who'll maintain your confidentiality. I think we in the psych profession sometimes think that we shouldn't get sick like we often see in our clients.
    I went through a depressive/PTSD period some years ago. It was difficult and scarey but it opened my eyes to many of the issues my clients face and has made me more compassionate.
    I also am thinking, however, of changing fields just because I've been doing psych nursing for 18 years, have seen many extremes of behaviors (which all seem to be replaying over and over) and think I'm just ready to try something new. I get tired sometimes, too, of the depressed, whiny, borderline behaviors, and folks who only seem to know the "f" word.
    There are many roads for us all to take, many ways to refresh ourselves, and many lovely and deserving people out there for us to assist through life's changes.
    Best of luck
  6. by   sanakruz
    Yes- ditto to the good responses above.
    There is another thread to check out in general forum on nurses and depression; it is quite lengthy.