Psych to medical to psych, then back to medical in the future?

  1. Hi,

    I started out as a Psych RN, then made the jump to medical, something that I found to be very difficult. After almost a year in the medical world, my floor was changed to a specialty that really isn't for me. So I interviewed in a few specialties, and Psych was the only one to make me an offer.

    I have a big question for all of the Psych RNs, current and past: How hard is it to go back again? Do interviewers still consider you for other medical jobs when you are coming back out of Psych?

    I got into a med-surg floor this past time d/t need, but I couldn't get into the specialties because I had no medical experience. Now, even with some medical experience, the economy has me competing for other specialties with RNs with experience in those areas.

    I really don't want to close the door on specialties on the medical side in the future if I take this job (I plan to stay more than a year this time to help the resume look somewhat stable).

    As we know, Psych RNs are very busy, but in a different way. Our assessments are different, the skills we use daily are different. I like Psych, but really would love to hear from some RNs that have managed to keep a toe in each world.

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  3. by   bargainhound
    I read in the Nursing magazine years ago to
    "never specialize yourself out of a job".

    I think that was great advice and over the years, I have kept
    my skills/knowledge up in both areas.

    Psych nurses are difficult to come by and they are valued.
    Sometimes, it just takes time to find where the jobs are.

    Yes, you can go back and forth from medical/surgical type nursing
    to psych nursing, whether inpatient our outpatient/home health nursing.

    You know yourself what you can tolerate as a nurse and what type
    nursing you prefer to not do...........just stay in those parameters and
    you will find plenty of work.
  4. by   MADHAT6
    Once you go psych Med Surg you won't like !