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  1. I am taking an an online graduate program in Psychiatric Nursing. Can any of you psych nurses or psych nurse practitioners give me any ideas of how to go about finding a preceptor and a clinical site. I am willing to help out on any extra projects or jobs they may need help with while I am being preceptored. I have been told to find the sites way in advance, as contracts have to be signed by the site and the school. The preceptor does not have to be a psych NP. It could be anybody working in the psych field. Thanks for any ideas, information, websites or suggestions you can give me. Krisssy RN--I was just thinking, since I have no psych experience, what do you think of an expereinced psych RN preceptoring me? If a psychologist or a psychiatric social worker can precept me (per my advisor) why not a psych nurse?
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  3. by   Thunderwolf
    Krisssy, yes, a psychiatrist, a Masters prepared psych SW, a psychologist or a Masters prepared psych Nurse (CNS/NP) can precept/supervise...for a Grad level psych program. The VA usually has tons of Psych CNS/ source. Another way is to look at a list of practitioners via insurance carriers. Another source is local Community Mental Health Centers in your area. Regardless, you will need to have a course outline of study, your goals as a student, the expectations of the preceptorship (as well as its requirements), and such... needed beforehand in order to hand over to likely candidates in order for them to make an informed decision to take you on or not. Look at it as a job interview...and your material about yourself and your program comparable to a resume. You need to get your ducks in order beforehand, sort of speak. And, allow yourself enough time for the interviewing process. As an ex psych CNS, I am personally not cool with any preceptorship/supervision that is not face to face. So, it needs to be done locally.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you Wolfie. Your suggestions are terrific. I will discuss all this with my advisor tomorrow. I do have a VA Hospital nearby. Great idea! Thank you. Krisssy