Psych nursing abroad? Tips?

  1. I'd like to get out of the U.S. and work as a mental health nurse abroad. I'm pretty open to any country that isn't hot and humid. However, I've having a hard time finding agencies that sponsor nurses out of the U.S. There's plenty of travel within the U.S., but not so much abroad. There are a few I found in the UK, but the pay is horrible compared to what I make now. Any tips on making this dream come true would be greatly appreciated. If you know of any agencies, humanitarian, crisis organizations, etc. that need mental health nurses, please share. I'm willing work in war zones, with refugees, or average calm health care settings. I've got years of experience as a trauma/PTSD mental health specialist in Baltimore, where all of my patients are low-income and surrounded by murder and drugs regularly, as well as working with the complete range of almost all other psychiatric disorders. I'm an RN-C, ANCC board certified in Psych-Mental Health, with a BSN, and currently do psychotherapy and case mgmt outpatient. I have a case load of 147 patients, so I can handle a large load! I also have a few years of inpatient experience as a charge nurse.
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  3. by   stevefl
    Have you considered working for the US military as a civilian? I know the Army has a website for civilian medical employment, good pay and benefits if you are working overseas,AK and HI.Just a thought. The Army website is or just google medcell.