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What kind of meds are used to control anxiety disorders long term? I have heard that some SSRIs are now used to treat anxiety as well as depression. Do these medications tend to work very well for... Read More

  1. by   ASHRN
    buspirone (BuSpar) isn't used too much in our facility (1200 bed) but a psychiatrist once said it is very effective at high doses and relatively safe.
  2. by   the new girl
    risperdal is also one to make patients drowsy, I know my patients request to take it later in the evening, if they are staying up later to watch tele or something.
  3. by   zydis
    the total daily dose of Risperdal can be taken all at H.S.
  4. by   laurenkst
    Agree with one of your responders, Risperdal--as well as all other antipsychotics--can cause weight gain and can also trigger Diabetes Mellitus with the weight gain in patients. So please keep an eye out for this--LCK
  5. by   phil evans
    hi there -what we use in AUstralia, in my ward, for anxiety disorders which are very common are iether a low dose ssri like cipramil,just half a tab -10 mg
    bearing in mind the side effects of ssri are anxiety amongst others

    i think it is trial and error, s o many meds, just find one that works -a low dose of epilim can be helpful
    the best benzo we use is either lorazapam in low dose
    or clobazam, the patient, the pd's dont like it for you dont get a hit from hit -it creeps up and lessens anxiety, and you get little or no confusion or groggyness
    but the best i have ever used in my many years running around lunatic wards is inderal, or propananol , a beta blocker, so you use a little bit -but to reduce anxiety it is great, stuff all s/e and many staff i know use it to calm nerves b4 interviews