Protection from a person who is a threat to self and/or others

  1. Regarding people who are diagnosed as being a threat to themselves and/or others what can be done?

    There is a thread about the conflict between freedom from false imprisonment and protecting people from others. Or from suicide.

    I'm asking the experts, you the mental health and psychiatric nurses.
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  3. by   PICURN74
    very hot topic, laws vary state by state and even within states there are arguments. I deal with mental health court in which patients are in front of a judge to determine if they are in need of treatment against their will. It is often very difficult to commit someone against their will and if you do it is not a one time deal. Again it varies but in my state, we have to prove an ACUTE risk of serious harm to self or others or a marked lack of personal care. However even court committed patients have the right to refuse medications in all but the rarest cases.