Propanolol as an antipsychotic adjunct

  1. I note that propanolol is used in treating anxiety, phobias and substance abuse. I have seen it prescribed to a single diagnosis patient with paranoid schizophrenia. Is this use a chemical restraint or does it have a theraputic use with this diagnosis?
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  3. by   ohiorn_78
    I know that it does help for anxiety and my old psych professor highly recommended it for that. I don't see how it would be considered a chemical restraint as it doesn't alter the LOC.
    I Believe It Is Used To Decrease Some Of The Symptoms Of Anxiety Associated With Public Speaking And Of Course, Rapid Heart Rate. Medically It Is Most Commonly Used For Migraines And Acute Mi To Slow The Heart Rate And Provide Increases Oxygen To The Myocardium.(beta Blockers, Not Just Propanol)
  5. by   Rexie68
    We use it to help prevent some of the side effects of works to help prevent some of the tremors. No clue if that's FDA approved or not.....but it works for some. Of course, we're doing BP checks all the time, and it's not for everyone...
  6. by   TerpGal02
    Beta blockers are sometimes used to counteract akasthesia associated with antipsychotics (either standard or atypical)