Private forensic facilities

  1. Just wondering if anyone on this forum works for a private forensic hospital. In New Zealand all our forensic hospitals are run by the govt. However with the current economic climate I never know what out Govt may do.
    At present there is talk of going back to a privately run prison (to cost cut). I suppose if they can do it with a prison, then it can be done with a forensic hospital.

    Any input would be great.
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  3. by   aloevera
    Economy bad in New Zealand too????

    It is horrid here............government spending, spending, spending, on ridiculous things............we are leaning towards socialized medicine in the future it is it in New Zealand??? just curious
    I work for a private psychiatric info on forensic, I am sorry
  4. by   kiwipsychnurse
    I'm quite pleased no one said "yes I work in private forensic hospital and it runs well"
    Thanks for the reply aloevera, yep budget cuts around the corner and some people have mentioned maybe they will contract the services out. However if I know that private forensic services are non-existent then I wont be so concerned.
    We only have one private psych hospital in N.Z and I have a feeling all their patients are non-committed, meaning they all agree to be there and not under any mental health act.
  5. by   aloevera
    I would guestimate 90% of our pts. are voluntary.....other 10 are 1013's....brought in by police/sent direct from hospital for trying to commit suicide.......I have not worked in a state run facility so I have no comparison as to working conditions there........I know pay is about the same......